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Counselling and Therapy in a safe, comfortable and private setting

I am a Counselling Psychology Therapist based in Guildford, Surrey offering in person counselling to clients in the surrounding areas of Aldershot, Woking, Dorking and Leatherhead. I also reach clients across the UK with online counselling sessions.

In a recent article, Psychology Today reported that better help is available for in-person counselling when compared to online. In essence, the emotional experience is very different, from in-person counselling sessions offering the counsellor access to unspoken feelings, visual cues and tactile experiences. In-person benefits include access to non-verbal communication (over 90% of ALL communication is non-verbal) and a more intimate personal relationship.

There are quiet areas for us to work and on a confidential and ethical basis. I have two chocolate Labrador crosses for pet work / family therapy or walk & talk.

I work with anyone with a faith and those with no faith.

My work in-person or online, includes neuro-diversity, autism (ASD) ADHD, gambling and gaming addiction, music therapy, film, survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and addiction, depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, fetal ,loss, grief and bereavement. An initial assessment is undertaken to help us to identify and to prioritise areas of work.

What issues can counselling help with?

People come to me for help a wide range of issues. Here are a few of the more common difficulties that can be supported through counselling:



Autism (ASD)



Problems with confidence & self-esteem Trauma

Anger management

Issues relating to sexuality

Difficulties at work or in retirement

Family issues and school life


Relationship problems

Fetal loss



Feelings of stress or anxiety

Panic attacks

Grief, loss or bereavement

Problems with addiction

Trauma and PTSD, Abuse

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About Me

I am a qualified counselling psychologist with over 5 years professional experience providing counselling for trauma (anxiety, depression, abuse, addiction). I have worked with the NHS Talking Therapy services and The You Trust (trauma, domestic violence and rape counselling service), plus primary and secondary age complex SEN and Autism (ASD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), fetal loss, grief and bereavement. Person-centered with lived experience and the use of film and music in therapy.

From personal experience, spoken therapy is definitely part of the road to recovery and counselling alongside personal development has greatly enhanced life and coping with struggles and challenges.

My location

My counselling practice is based in Guildford, Surrey, and I see clients from greater Guildford and the surrounding areas of Aldershot, Woking, Dorking and Leatherhead. Precise location details will be given upon contact.

There is a dedicated brick-built counselling room separate from the house for in-person counselling. I work with adults, families and children. Online services can be arranged via Zoom Meetings, Google Meetings or Teams.

Fees & availability

Fees start at £60.00 per session ranging up to £125.00 for more complex family and couples therapy. I also provide concessions rates upon request.

Note that if you want to cancel an appointment I require 48 hours’ notice; otherwise you will still need to pay for any sessions missed. I accept payment in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me on 07855457756 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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